A relaxing day today spent in our wondrous campsite and strolling along the coast and through the rainforest.
We had a beautiful lunch in a cosy restaurant in Yachats, then went for a walk along the beach and rugged coastline. Considering we are here in the height of summer the weather is still pretty brisk with fog rolling in and a fair amount of moisture in the air although not necessarily raining. As humid as home but far colder.
A walk through the forest where we are staying in Cape Perpetua was magical. We hiked up a hill amongst massive trees, but probably the most noticeable fact was that while the other parks we have been to had tall trees and big hills, it was always very dry. Whereas here on the coast it’s very wet and there is a dense undergrowth in the forest. The tree branches are all covered in moss which really makes the whole experience very enchanting.
It’s certainly not a summer destination for lounging on the beach soaking up the Rays but it certainly has a huge amount of charm and character.  We are both so glad that we came to visit this part of the world as it seems that although a little touristy, the towns actually come across as being more functional fishing villages, and while the accomodation is booked out there is very little available so numbers of tourists are low which is great. Everyone seems to be here to relax and unwind so the pace of life is very sedentary. Definitely the sort of place to enjoy warm clam chowders and hot toddies! T&S.

Some of the beach views. As you can see a little chilly!

The weather has battered the trees into submission.

 One of the many inlets.

 Views from the forest around our campsite.


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