Arrival in Salento

The bus journey to Salento was pretty easy. More of a minibus than a bus and free wifi!!! Makes passing the time that bit easier and the helpfulness of all the locals made our change of bus easy too. In fact the bus driver was so worried that Sarah would get lost finding her way to and from the toilet he escorted her there!!
When we arrived at Salento we went straight to our recommended hostel La Eliana (thank you Thibaut and Lucie) and it was just wonderful. It was all set around a garden and the owner was superbly helpful giving us loads of hints as to what to do.
Salento itself is a small village set atop a ridge surrounded by beautiful Colombian countryside. It’s a big coffee growing area and while the the town is fairly touristy it definitely retains a certain charm. The main square is the central point and its surrounded by loads of bars and restaurants.
The bars and restaurants are all old and full of character and characters. The shop fronts are all painted in lovely bright colours and the atmosphere of the place is quite encapsulating! Well we were certainly encapsulated.
After a quick walk up to see a view of the whole place we decided to stop for a quick beer at the local billiards hall. This place had to be seen to be believed. It was obviously the place to be as it was packed full of locals (most of which were wearing wellies and some with ponchos) all either playing or watching billiards. After watching and working out what the rules were we decided to come back later and have a go.
First things first though we had to go and play another local game “tejo.” This combined beer, gun powder and throwing a heavy disc 12m. Sounds Colombian. The object of the game was to throw your metal disc at a clay target in the middle of which was a metal disc on which was placed some gunpowder!! Well you certainly knew when you hit the target!!! It was a lot of fun but we wouldn’t have wanted the place to be full as hurling these discs 12m while drinking beer meant for a few inaccuracies!!
Now I know it’s not local fare but we did go back to our hostel for what turned out to be a great curry, just what the doctor ordered. Then finished the night off with a game of billiards and a couple of beers in a really cool bar watching the world go by in the square.
Only the first afternoon but already really enjoying the place! T

 Some of the scenery on the drive to Salento.

A typical shop in Salento

One side of the main square  

The guys hanging out on the corner  

Some of the colours of the buildings had to be seen to be believed.

A couple of shots of the Main Street.



The billiard hall.  I think the best one I have ever been to.

A nod of appreciation from this crowd was the equivalent of a standing ovation.

Action shot, we were hurling these metal discs a fair way.

Sarah, bravely setting off some gun powder.


The target.

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