About Us

Welcome to our “diary” and I say diary because Sarah and I are going to use this blog to document what is going to be an absolutely amazing trip of discovery and possibly even enlightenment. We are going to use this site to create a record of the sights we see and will also write a few bits and bobs as to how we are feeling and what we are thinking!!And I say “welcome” because we want to share it with you and with the wonders of modern technology we can (blogging will probably be out of date before we finish our trip anyway)

We don’t want to brag and we don’t want to boast, we are unbelievably lucky to be able to do this and we hate to say it but we are planning on having the trip of a lifetime!!!

I hope you enjoy reading the blog!!
Just a few quick snaps to remind us how lucky we have it back at home 




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