Cheesy open top bus tour of LA

 Lazy sightseeing, sitting on our behinds and getting driven all around LA! Very interesting to see all the different areas, and the stark contrasts between the haves and the have nots.T  
Santa Monica pier, a nice view while we munched on $2 bagels for breakfast.    
The Hollywood walk of fame. Must admit that this was the least enjoyable part of the tour. We pretty much hopped off the bus, had a quick look around and then hopped straight back on. Not really our cup of tea but it is amazing how caught up in it other people get. 



A trip down sunset boulevard, somewhere we will definitely have to come back to later


Rodeo drive

Pretty cool houses and a nice promenade to walk along watching more street performers and checking out the market stalls.

 The other side of the beachfront at Venice beach…an incredible number of homeless people sleeping out on the side of the beach.

Superb…my first food van!! Easily the best burritos I have had and Sarah’s quesadillas were pretty tasty too!
If you look very closely you can see me working off the burrito at Muscle Beach, Venice!


The local bottle shop where we picked up a six pack to finish off the day!

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