Sightseeing in Manhattan

 An awe inspiring day walking around Manhattan.  We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, took a ferry to Staten Island, visited ground zero and saw a whole host of other sights!

Don’t worry though we haven’t posted all the photos! It has been great walking between the hugely impressive skyscrapers and then two minutes later ending up in places such as Chinatown (great dumplings) and the lower east side where you can really appreciate the ethnic diversity of this city.

The somber part of the day came when we visited ground zero and it gave us some pretty sobering thoughts and as unbelievable as it was to watch the events of 9/11 unfold on television it was very strange to be stood in the spot where it actually happened.

Later in the day we visited another must see, The Museum of Modern Art, some amazing artworks by artists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.  Salvador Dali’s melting clocks was probably the most memorable, both for the amazing detail of the painting, but also because of how small the original actually is.  I won’t lie though, there were some other pieces I wasn’t cultured enough to understand! T


Views of the financial district from the Brooklyn bridge

Passing the Statue of Liberty on the Staten Island ferry

View of Manhattan from the ferry
   The new one world trade centre

 The craziness of China town   More China town  

Tim not looking impressed at some of the art exhibits (who knew placing a bottle of soy sauce in a glass box was considered art!

 Nate the bartender and JJ a regular bar fly at the aptly named bar the Red Head. This was the bar we found on our first night and couldn’t resist going back. We have already met some amazing people! Looks like we will see JJ out at Breckenridge. 

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