Concrete Jungle

Today we visited the Guggenheim. The building alone is worth the visit and the way the artworks curl around the spiral ramp makes it very different from other museums I have been to. As with the MOMA there were some truly memorable artworks and others that maybe I am not educated enough to understand. There was a great collection that has been bequeathed to the Guggenheim which would have been worth millions and millions. Picasso, Da Vinci, Van Gough, Monet and Manet to name of few of the prominent artists. It was mind blowing! The other amazing exhibition was of Kandinsky’s work.  We actually have two of his works as framed posters in our house. I am ashamed to say that I purchased them online not knowing the artist but because Tim and I really liked them. It was really special then realising who we actually had on our walls! Unfortunately our works were not on display but it was great reading all about him and viewing his other works.

We then went and walked the NY highline. This was an above ground rail line that was closed and was then converted into a walkway with gardens bordering it.  It was nice to view the city from another angle but we were amoung thousands of walkers which took away from the serenity a little.  After that we walked through Greenwich Village, which could have been straight out of London with its cobbled streets and not so high buildings.

Finished the last full day of NY off with happy hour beers and great food! Looking forward to Washington DC! S

View of the Guggenheim spiral from the top and bottom

Views from the high line

Some parts of the rail have been kept and planted over


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