Journey to the West Coast

The drive from Yellowstone to the west coast of Oregon, certainly reminded us as to how big this country is, there were literally miles and miles of not that much but we are putting a blog in just so that we can remember it.  To be fair the scenery was pretty beautiful, but the drive from West Yellowstone to Boise, Idaho was pretty similar, in fact the next day it was pretty similar all the way to Bend, Oregon! Bend reminded us a bit of Noosa but with a snow and skiing feel to it, it probably would have been a great place in the winter.  

As soon as we left Bend the scenery and views changed dramatically and we enjoyed an awesome drive all the way to the coast through some amazing forests.  Last night was a bit drizzly and cold, and this morning is too, but it feels as though we have come to a different country.  It’s all very quaint and cute and small.  We are both looking forward to setting up camp in one of the nearby parks and exploring the area. T


That is the view we saw pretty consistently, nothing much out here 
 In fact there is so little out here they decided that this is where they would do their nuclear program experimentation…should have had a Geiger counter as we passed through Arco, which was the first ever town to be powered exclusively by nuclear power.   
Lots of abandoned buildings along the way.

 Then more of this.   
We stopped in to see the craters of the moon national park.  Lots of chunks of larva.

 Then more of this.   

After Bend the scenery changed and we went driving through this spectacular forest, huge trees overhanging the roads as we made our way up and down the mountain range.

This is a little drive we took off the beaten track looking for a campsite, unfortunately it was a dead end so onwards for us.  


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