Some tasty bits

Just a selection of tasty morsels we have discovered.  The funny thing is is that while I was waiting for these photos to upload we have just downloaded and done our first 7 minute workouts!!!  Maybe we are enjoying the spoils of this country a bit too much. T

99c for this huge can of Iced Tea, a definite fav.

44oz above, and below the waitress was surprised when we said we would share a main!

Independent burger places are bountiful, this one in Bend was particularly great!

Clam chowders were fantastic from Oregon to San Francisco.

The beer of choice!  Mostly price orientated but it’s still good.

Some BBQ treats we have been enjoying. Above, baked potato with “Stagg” chilli cheese and spring onions.  Below, one of Sarah’s favs Schmoors.


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