BBQ at Bandera

Today we set off from Ozona towards San Antonio, but got waylaid after stopping at Bandera.

We arrived and noticed a few stalls set up outside the local church and decided to take a look.  
There were stalls selling cowboy hats for $20 and custom made cowboy boots for $1000 as well as one selling homemade hot sauces and salsas, needless to say this was the one that took our money. I settled for the third hottest sauce and after trying most of them, Sarah picked a delicious salsa (I couldn’t feel my tongue at this stage)

Further around the corner was the eating area and a couple of stalls had some very impressive smokers/BBQs set up. I got chatting to one of the chefs and he took me through how he cooked his pulled pork “butts” and, oh my god it was amazing!!!

We had heard that Texas was the place for BBQS but to have been so lucky to arrive and sample this was amazing! To top it all there was a band playing and we ended up sharing the table with a local who had to be seen to be believed! Weighing in at close to 300lbs and wearing dungarees while chewing tobacco he began to tell us where we could get the best BBQS in the area…I must have looked like Buddha (my Labrador). His southern drawl and appearance was just what we were looking for and we have decided to take him up on his advice as to where to go tomorrow!!
He also told us that the festival used to involve shutting the town down to traffic and then all walking around with 6 shooters in their holsters, but unfortunately the “city folk” didn’t like it so it had to stop, shame.

The rest of the day was spent walking off lunch at the lost maples state park which was hot, but luckily there was a swim at the end of the walk. T
Some local Iced Tea, perfectly refreshing.

The BBQs at the fair at Bandera.

The view from the top of the hill at the end of the walk.  We were both suffering a bit as it was over 100 and the track was steep, rough and almost completely exposed, so no shade.  Still the dip in the river was great at the end.

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