When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio!

A few shots from Copacabana while were there. We have seen better beaches but it was still fun to sit back and watch the world go by. At night there are lots of little market stalls along the boardwalk.  The beach seems to be more about people watching and sunbathing rather than swimming.  Like Australia the waves were quite large and breaking right on the beach so most people just sat in their chairs sunbathing.

Like we have said before the amount of activities going on on the beach are just wonderful from football and volleyball to merchants selling their goods to people drinking and chatting away, just a great place for some people watching.

One afternoon while we were there watching a few beach volley ball games being played, about 100 metres away a crowd was gathering and we thoguht that maybe it was a celebrity or something. Next minute it was pretty obvious there was a fight happening between a gang of kids.  It lasted about 2 minutes and then the police turned up and dispersed the crowd……. With tear gas! May have been a harsh measure but it certainly did the trick! S


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