1st Bus trip, Buzios

Rio de Janeiro was a city we could have spent quite some time in but unfortunately we had to leave and carry on with the adventure. So first stop we decided was going to be Buzios (I had read somewhere that it was worth a visit) and we were off to the bus station with our backpacks on our backs.
Catching a bus in Brazil is slightly different as different companies operate the different routes but we quickly found the right company and were soon sat on our bus in what can only be described as absolute luxury!! If this is going to be bus travel in South America then bring it on. I reckon my seat was more comfortable than the bed I slept in the previous few nights, and it was certainly more comfortable than the plane seats! So off we went towards Buzios at a steady 60 kph (maybe 70 on the straights). 
Buzios is a town on a peninsular with 17 beaches on it and when we arrived we were told our hotel was right in the middle of town and so off we walked. Now I will be honest that on arrival it turned out that I had made a mistake with the booking and had booked for the wrong days!!!! Unfortunately they were fully booked but they sorted us out another place which was looking over the main square, amazingly lucky!!!
We ended up staying at Che Lagarto which was a backpackers with private rooms and showers, absolute luxury and to top it off a great breakfast too which was just perfect. Guido and Camila spoke English and were especially helpful and accommodating and hopefully we will meet up again along the way!! We even got to have our experiences recorded on a video to promote the place so watch out!!!
Buzios itself is fantastic!! It could be described as a Brazilian St Maxime with cobbled streets lined with restaurants and shops and throngs of people walking up and down enjoying the sights. The beach is also lined with a cobbled street and a walkway which in most other countries would have a bannister to stop you from falling into the harbour but not here! And just the other side of the street are more restaurants looking out over the harbour to the ocean.
The harbour is full of small fishing boats and the experience is just out of this world, what an amazing place, so we positioned ourselves in one of the restaurants and sat watching the world go by and the sun go down…perfect.
While Buzios used to be a fishing town it has turned into more of a holiday destination and Brigitte Bardot has a place here, and certainly some of the restaurants and shops are a little more expensive. But in and amongst the expensive places are some cheap places serving delicious fish and cervejas!!  
The whole place has a very welcoming feel and we have immediately felt very at home here. We spent the days walking around the beaches and cooling off with icy cold swims and then enjoying lunch looking right out over the ocean. The evenings involved more people watching and sitting outside on the cobbled streets enjoying a shared cerveja.

Sunset over the harbour at Buzios.

The square where we were staying at Che Lagardo.  Our room was just above the pink “GU” and thanks so much again to Guido and Camile for helping us out.

A couple more views of the harbour, just such a special place.

Now that’s what I call a bar!

The houses and restaurants built right up to the water, literally.

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