Arrival to the wind and rain at El Chalten

So we have left Ushuaia and travelled back up north. Nothing really to write about as we did the same bus trip during the day and then stopped over night in a place called Rio Galligos. It’s claim to fame for us was that we had never seen a town/city with so much rubbish blowing everywhere. I mean the fences were just covered in it. But all we did was stop and sleep and then got back on another bus to continue on to El Chalten the next day. 
We had another stop over in El Calafate and pleasantly passed the time meeting up with Silvia and Werner who we met in the Pantanal and then spent time with at Bonito. It was great catching up with them and swapping stories and new places to see. They are off to Torres Del Paine to do the O circuit which will take them 8-10 days.
So we finally made it to El Chalten at about 9.30pm. The weather was scary. The place we were staying at (I will get to that in a minute) was about 4 blocks from the bus station so we walked. 
I have never been in wind as strong as that. I kid you not. It was a head wind and with a little bit of rain thrown in and about 4 degrees. Slightly uncomfortable. But we got to our accommodation and we hit the jackpot. We are staying in an old train carriage that has been converted into a little self contained flat. It is all very cute and has been a god send because as I am writing this it is the next day and the wind has gotten worse so after venturing outside to buy our next leg bus tickets and getting some supplies, we are holed up inside warm and toasty listening to the wind batter the outside of the carriage. It is gusty and just as you think you have it under control when you are walking outside, a gust comes along and you are nearly knocked over. We now understand what they were talking about with the wind in Patagonia and why there are no trees growing on the exposed areas. It is actually pretty scary! Tomorrow it should lessen and we have an all day hike planned so fingers crossed it clears up! 
It has been a bit of a god send as we have had a relaxing day without feeling guilty about it. Drinking wine, playing canasta and discussing our next options. S 

Really great to have met these guys! And great to have caught up again in El Calafate with Werner and Sylvia.

Perfect place to hole up for the day.


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