Take 2 – El Chalten

So that rain I was telling you about was still there when we woke the next day. But after we cooked breakfast it thankfully cleared up. There were quite a few clouds around so we decided to walk to Laguna Torre which was at the base of Cerro Torre. We were leaving the famous Fitzroy climb for the next day to see if the weather would be even better. The Fitzroy peak you are supposed to see from the village but we still hadn’t seen it! 
The walk out to the lake took us around 3 hours and it was as usual for Patagonia, astounding. Also the sun came out a little more which was an added bonus as everything just looks so much better in the sun! We walked up and through a lush valley with a beautiful waterfall and stream running through it. We reached the first view point for the peak and unfortunately it was shrouded in cloud. We thought that was going to be the case as apparently this peak is one of the hardest to get get a clear view off. Stupid clouds! 
So we continued on and the scenery changed again and we were walking in the edge of a woods beside a river. On the last hike up, Tim and I said we felt as if we were on another planet as the scenery was just a path of pebbles and a hill of rocks we were climbing over. Once we got to the top we were nearly knocked over by the wind it was so strong and bitterly cold. It actually started to snow while we were there. The view was of a little glacier coming down into the lake at the base of the peak. But as you can imagine as it was snowing we could hardly see the base of the mountain never mind the top! We are our lunch quickly there sheltered behind a boulder and then continued on home. S

A couple of the views along the way.  The diversity of the countryside is truly amazing.

The glacier at the end of the hike.  Shame we couldn’t see any of the famous peaks in the clouds though.

This bird was hovering in the winds right above us while we were having lunch.

Again some more of the fantastic views on offer.  They say it’s the hiking capital of the world and we could see why.  Also the different weather is so clear as we were only hiking for about 8 hrs and had all sorts of weather.


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