Last day El Chalten

We awoke to snow. In the village. It was crazy. Spring in Patagonia! We were a little worried as today we were leaving but the bus was not departing for Bariloche until 8pm so the plan was to complete another hike, come back for dinner and then go.
We were also disappointed as we still hadn’t properly seen The Fitzroy. Well we waited around until we had to check out, left our bags and then braved the snow. The wind had again picked up and so therefore it was cold!! We got up the other end of the town before I told Tim that this was stupid and that we couldn’t go hiking in this. So we turned around and went into one of the cafes and nursed our really expensive coffees. Very luckily for us, after about half an hour the snow stopped (unfortunately not the wind). So off we went again.
This hike was the easiest of them all, about an hour out of town along a dirt road to a beautiful waterfall.
On the way back the weather was being cantankerous and couldn’t decide if it wanted to blow a gale, snow or rain or clear to beautiful blue skies. Luckily as the wind blew up we had it at our backs this time which was a lot more enjoyable.
Back into town for some lunch and then off we went again for another little hike to get an overview of the mountains and the town in the valley and then further over to see the lake on the other side of the hill we had climbed. For once we had the view point to ourselves as the crowd had climbed a little higher to get a better view. It was so lovely sitting back and watching the beautiful scenery just the two of us. 
On the way home the weather had completely transformed and the sky was a beautiful blue. We even got to see The Fitzroy… Not completely without cloud yet but still it was a sight to see. It didn’t completely reveal itself until we were on the bus on the way out of town. Bloody weather!! 
Tim and I were saying on the hikes today that although we have not had the best weather and didn’t get to complete or see the peaks of El Chalten we still felt as if we had an awesome experience and could honestly say the area was stunningly beautiful. Upon seeing it in the beautiful sunshine on the way out, I think it would have truly been mind blowing in clear weather. It just made us realize how lucky we were in Torres Del Paine to get such good weather while we were camping! S

Perfect hiking weather!

A nice flat hike up the valley out of El Chalten 

Nice view at the end for us.

Down the valley, across town then up the hill the other side

The town of El Chalten nestled in amongst the scenery

Beautiful red bushes

Nothing really needs to be written, this is Patagonia 


Icebergs in the lake

The glimpse of Fitzroy on our way out.

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