Day 2 San Pedro de Atacama 

We decided to explore the town this morning and also had to sort out our trip to Bolivia so off we set on our bikes to town.
The town of San Pedro is absolutely unlike any other town I have seen before. The buildings are all one story high and most seem to be made out of clay. The whole town center which was once all houses has been turned into a bustling town center. All the old houses have been turned into small supermarkets, tour agencies, hostels and restaurants.
Filling the streets are hundreds of tourists and most of the locals seem very young too. This gives the place a fantastic vibe and coupled with that the streets are the cleanest we have seen so far in South America.
We had a great time looking around the town and then bumped into Rick and Cathy who we had met the day before and enjoyed a couple of beers and lunch with them. 

The late afternoons here are spent going on a variety of tours of which there are loads on offer. Our tour was to take us to Valley de Lunar and then Coyote rock to watch the sunset, but before that it was all going to be a bit of a surprise as we had booked pretty blind!
First stop salt caves, where we went for a walk/crawl through a narrow canyon where the walls were full of salt crystals and the shapes and erosion were really very unique. When I said we went for a crawl some of the canyons was in complete darkness and the gaps we had to get through were pretty tight.

Stop number two involved us climbing up a huge sand dune to view Valley De Luna, named because it looks like the moon. It was very impressive and the views from the top were otherworldly.

Stop three was a short stop to look over Death Valley which again was an impressive view over more unique landscape. This was the place were NASA tested the Mars rover.

Final stop was to watch the sunset at Coyote Rock. Again more very impressive landscapes and absolutely beautiful watching the sun go down casting different lights upon the Andes!!

Some scary photos to be taken too I reckon this would be a prime area for those “death by selfie” stats! We were all allowed to wander along the cliff edge with no protection against the fall whatsoever. Although there were quite a number of people there we enjoyed watching the sun go down over this amazing scenery. T

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