What a finale to the Salar de Uyuni

Day 3 started ridiculously early with a departure time of 4am. This was so we could be out on the actual salt flats by sun rise. The early start was definitely worth it! We had about an hour of driving from the salt hotel until we actually hit the flats. As were driving along, the sky was changing from black with bright stars to slowly fading into a crystal clear brilliant blue, then lighter again with the yellow and orange of the sun poking through.
You could tell when we hit the flats as the road suddenly became ridiculously flat and we were doing nearly 100 kms and it felt like we were doing 60kms. We pulled over after a while with no one else around and spent the next hour watching the sun rise. It was truly spectacular!  
A few little facts – The salt flats are 1200kms squares and 3600 metres above sea level. It was originally a giant lake that dried up. When it rains the water liquefies some of the salt and all the little holes and inequalities are fixed. Even if a hole is dug, after it rains the salt flats will be the same consistent level throughout. 
We then headed towards a little island we could see in the distance which was covered in cactuses. This was where we would spend breakfast. 
After that we headed back onto the salt flats and spent another hour or so just taking it all in. As you can see Tim and I started to get a little creative with our shots. 
We then drove on towards Uyuni via a little village with some markets and when in Uyuni we stopped at a train graveyard which was great but by this stage we were tired and ready to continue on to Potosi. 
We had such an unbelievable trip. We really didn’t have any uncomfortableness or difficulty with the trip in regards to altitude. Our fellow “Salties” were a really fun group to hang with and I am sure we will be meeting up with a few of them in the future for a drink or two to make a few new experiences together. Salar De Uyuni was definitely a Top 5 of all time experiences for us. S

Not much to add to these photos, just fantastic.  
Breakfast stop  

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