Pacu fishing on the Tuichi River

Today we had the option of going on a boat trip up river to lake Santa Rosa. So we were up before 5 and on our way to try and see the sunrise and hopefully a jaguar. Unfortunately the weather had turned and it was cloudy so we didn’t get much of a sunrise and we also didn’t manage to see a jaguar either.
The cool weather was a nice change and it was really nice cruising up the river looking at the jungle. We arrived at the lake after a couple of hours, during which time we literally didn’t see another soul just a load of birds and the odd alligator.
As we arrived at the lake we could hear the call of a Macaw and our guide got us into a great position to see about a dozen of the beautiful birds. These ones were the yellow and blue kind and were fascinating and mesmerizing to watch.
We swapped our motorized boat for a canoe on the lake and cruised around the outside before stopping for some piranha fishing. Once again we proved ourselves as competent piranha fishermen and soon caught our lunch.
The area around the lake where we had stopped used to be a coffee plantation but had fallen into disrepair after the owner had died. So we had a pretty interesting walk around getting to see how the jungle was slowly but surely taking back over the land.
After our lunch of grilled piranha the guys set up some hammocks for us under a mango tree and we got to have a little siesta. Just fantastic.
We had asked on the boat ride back if we could do a bit of fishing and I think the guides were just as excited as us to be doing it. We were just using fairly large hand lines and huge hooks baited with beef and it wasn’t long before Sarah hooked a massive Pacu!!
It took a fair bit of strength to get them in and after Sarah’s initial success I was soon in the action with two more Pacu. It was really fantastic to be stood fishing and catching Pacu in the middle of nowhere in the Amazon.
All in all we bagged four fish which was more than enough to feed everyone back at camp. Later we noticed that we dropped a couple of the giant fish off at other communities and back at Rurrenbaque too. I think it’s all about sharing here, when you have an abundance of something you give it to others so that when you are short you may receive.
That evening we were treated to a local catfish meal which was wrapped in banana leaves and was absolutely delicious. We also had bought a bottle of rum with us which we offered to the locals who were looking after us and they all helped themselves to some fairly sizable measures and we had a lovely evening before retiring to bed to listen to the sounds of the jungle.
We were going to be very sad to be leaving the next day it really was a very magical place. T   
Dawn, cruising up the Tuichi River.  A really special moment watching the jungle wake up!

Glad we saw this guy today and not when we were floating down on our inner tubes.

Having seen these Macaws in cartoons so much it’s amazing to see how vivid their colours are in real life.  The noise they make is something else.

The shores of lake Santa Rosa.

Sarah proving her worth, and William behind who was learning how to be a guide.

Stick insects, three of them.  The two smaller males trying to mate with the bigger female 

Simon borrowed our camera to take these shots. Very funny.

Sarah putting her back into catching the first Pacu of the day.

What a monster!

Me stood in the middle of the jungle waiting for a bite.  Pretty amazing to think how in the middle of nowhere we were.

My turn to get in on the action!

Very proud fisherman.

The trip back on the boat just gave us more time to enjoy the sights of the jungle.

Sunset from back at the lodge.  Just helping us fall in love with the jungle even more.

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