We enjoyed a lie in this morning as we were a little sore after hiking around Machu Picchu. Today’s plan was perfect for Boxing Day and fairly relaxing. After lounging in bed for a while we caught the train to Ollantaytampu just a little way down the valley.
It was again a great train ride and we ended up sat with the Williams family from Austin, Texas who were great value. The most amusing bit of the journey was when we had to wait for another train to pass and so to pass the time the staff on the train performed a very amusing dance and a fashion show!! Sarah was made to join in in the dancing!
Ollantaytampu itself is a beautiful old village with cobbled stone streets most of which are only wide enough to walk down and the mountain sides around the town are full of Incan ruins.
It turned out our hotel had brilliant views of the ruins and a well placed rocking chair on a balcony from which to enjoy them!! We had a lunch in the main square which was relaxing before we decided to go and have a hike around the ruins.
Now I don’t know if it’s old age or a sign that we are turning into professional hikers but we did stop on the way to the ruins to make a purchase. We are now the proud owners of hiking sticks! Very professional.
The ruins were really nice but we had spent the two days previously looking at some of the best examples of Incan ruins so it was a little hard to get overly excited.
So back to the rocking chair it was and we had a deliciously relaxing afternoon.
The best thing we thought was how pretty the town of Ollantaytampu itself was and as we walked around we noticed that a lot of the walls and house entrances were Incan. It really seems as though it has stood still in time, I always think it’s fantastic to see places like that. (Although I will have to admit that while we were sat in said rocking chair we were catching up on some blogging!) I guess the Internet is almost everywhere nowadays. T   
Sarah dancing during the train stop

The local taxis

The road our hotel was on

One of the streets leading off of the main square.

Lunch in the main square.  One of the best wood fired pizzas we have had.

The size of the rocks they got up for this site are amazing.

We have gone professional, 30% easier they reckon. (Mind you, you can find any facts you want on the net!)

Just still finding it amazing how they built so effectively on the slopes.

It’s either the new sticks or the fact we seem to have been climbing for ages now but this was just a little stroll.

The main square

Another street in the town, we were amazed when we saw a car using this road

The rocking chair, two would have meant we would have stayed another day I reckon.

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