Last two days in Cusco

I don’t know if it was because Machu Picchu was the last real big thing we really wanted to see or it was just coincidence but when we got back to Cuzco I got sick.
We have both been battling a little tummy bug since we got back from the jungle but for the last two days I have been mostly in bed with Tim keeping a sympathetic bedside vigil. Nothing serious and we had been so lucky to not really get sick the whole last 6 months so counting our lucky stars! 
It did put a bit of a dampener on our sight seeing duties but we did manage to get to the Inca museum which wasn’t much chop to be honest. I suppose we were wanting more insight into their culture and their stone work techniques but all it really had was pottery from pre inca cultures, some from the Incas, a little bit of their silver and gold work and some mummies. It then weirdly said post conquest with some Spanish paintings and nothing about the battles etc. 
The next day we went for a walk to the central market. Which was awesome and we were a little disappointed that we couldn’t eat there but I thought I wouldn’t risk it! It has everything from textiles to chocolate to meat to your fruit and vegetables and something for your juju voodoo spells! The stalls selling fireworks were very tempting as well. We later found out that they are illegal but we saw 3 police officers standing quite near the stall so I don’t think it is policed heavily!
Otherwise it was a boring two days in bed. S   
The view from our balcony. Not too bad at all

 Cuzco was a beautiful city that we enjoyed immensely. After Rio I would say it was my next favourite. 

Bread anyone? It is funny how they are all selling the same thing at exactly the same prices


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