New Years Eve at Cabanaconde

While in Arequipa we wanted to see the Canyon de Colca which is meant to be 168m short of being the deepest canyon in the world. What we didn’t realise that while its touted as being one of the top things to do in Arequipa it’s actually a 6 hour bus ride away.
Unfortunately we had a flight out of Lima on the 11th so some decisions had to be made and Huarez had to go. Never mind we will def be back to this part of the world so it will have to be done then!!
So we set off on the bus to Cabanaconde. Not physically a huge distance away from Arequipa but meant to take six hours!! We soon realised why as all we did was climb and climb for the first two hours until we reached the pass at 4800m and then all the way down to Chivay.  
The road then followed the canyon wall and while it started off very shallow it soon opened up into quite an impressively deep canyon. Of course the road was positioned right on the edge at times!! It’s been good training for me I think to place some trust in these bus drivers.  
Cabanaconde is definitely one of those villages where the name is bigger than the place itself and we were a little worried when the place we had booked to stay in was shut and looked as though it had been for a while!! Luckily there was a hand written note telling us to go down the end of the road.
We were very lucky as the place we were sent to was fantastic, nice rooms right on the edge of town looking out over the farmlands.
We weren’t expecting much for the evening’s festivities but found a nice enough bar with coldish beers and nice pizzas.
It was one of the quietest NYE that we have had but the funniest was the local entertainment, which consisted of a guy with a guitar and unfortunately an amp. He wasn’t particularly good at playing the guitar but the best bit was that he was a terrible singer too! His solution was that he had printed off all the lyrics and would shove a lyric sheet in front of you and tell you that this was the next song and that you were to be the singer! This might have been fun if we were drunk but I think my turn came up before I had even been served!!  
Anyway the evening didn’t last too long but we had a fantastically interesting time and were happy to get our heads down as we had a pretty awesome day lined up for day 1 of 2016. T   

Some views of the bizarre scenery along the drive

I don’t quite know what this statue is meant to depict.

The street on which we were staying


The view of Cabanaconde, beautiful little village.

Not exactly “going off” for NYE.

We can’t complain, beautiful spot for a last beer of 2015!


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