The Climb Out

Having spent yesterday afternoon and evening with today’s prospect looming right above us we were both a little nervous when we woke up.
We decided to get up early and try and get most of the hike over before the sun started beating down too. We were told it would take three hours so we were going to be happy with four.
We had little option but to just get on with it. Well there were a few mules about for hire but I thought that would be more scary and Sarah thought it would be cheating.
So off we went and it was fairly gruelling but we have definitely done worse and in the end smashed it out in 2.5 hours!! We had ascended 1100m in constant switch backs. I think we might be getting fitter!!
Our reward was to catch the early bus and relax and enjoy the scenery on the way back to Ariquipa. It truly is a very beautiful place and we could have easily spent more time hiking around all the different villages. T

Unfortunately not many photos were taken today it was just one step after another.

 The view up in the morning 
Making some progress


Strange rock formation, looking more like a pile of logs
Something nice to look at while we caught our breath


Long way up


At the top!

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