Dune Buggies

From the moment we decided to stay at Huacachina Sarah had decided that we were going to have a day relaxing by a pool. Since our hotel didn’t have one we went off in search of one. Soon enough we found a place which let us in and it was really superb relaxing all day reading books with the only interruptions being dips in the pool, beers and lunch.
After all this relaxation we felt pretty fantastic and were ready for our 4:30 activity which was to be the dune buggy sunset safari. With sand boarding thrown in.  
It was a truly remarkable experience and a fantastic adrenaline rush. The vehicle looked fairly basic but certainly sounded good and after we all got strapped in and finished queuing up to pay our sand tax we were off. It felt like we were going at 100 mph and the buggy had no problem at all getting up the hills.
We weren’t sure what to expect and suddenly we were being thrown about as the driver went through a series of turns up and down the sides of the huge sand dunes. There were more than a few screams from the buggy and certainly a lot of nervous laughter, it was great!!
The best bit was that you couldn’t tell what was on the other side of the top of the dunes, so as our driver approached one of the first ones it was pretty scary as the world seemed to disappear and we descended what felt like straight down for about 50m!!
The driving around was great but then at one of these peaks he just stopped the buggy and we all got out and were given sand boards. Unfortunately for us shoes would have been a good idea. So the boarding wasn’t the easiest when your feet kept falling out!! Still it made for some good wipeouts!
So we turned sand boarding into tobogganing with some pretty spectacular results! It was pretty steep and we got some impressive speed up and ended up with some good sand burns on our legs and arms. Great fun.
So in between the driving around and flinging ourselves down the sand dunes we all completely missed the sunset!! Still it was truly a great tour and we were both very excited when we got back.
The beers flowed pretty easily that night and we ended up having a few which was good as we hadn’t done it in a while. We met a whole host of people but the most amusing was bumping into some students from Edinburgh who had just finished their Anthropology degrees!! Very funny. T

The first half of the day relaxing in the pool

I was holding on so tight I couldn’t take any action shots but these give a bit of an idea as to what we were driving up and down

Sarah enjoying some sledging

The good thing about the bindings were that they were lightweight. The downside was that they didn’t actually cause me to be attached to the board.

Me going for a walk in the desert

Again it’s the shapes and the colours which make this landscape just so spectacular 


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