Earthquake in Ecuador!

So last night after our hike around Quilotoa crater lake we had just sat down to a well deserved beer and ordered some food when all of a sudden everything started to shake! We didn’t really know what was going on but the shaking didn’t stop. Not knowing what to do we rushed outside with everyone else and while I stood in the street, Sarah’s brain had kicked in and she stood in the doorway (thinking it was the strongest part of the building).
Luckily there was no damage but we were all quite shocked mainly due to the length of time it went on for. We have to admit that we went back inside and finished our meal by candlelight and it was only later when we got back to the hotel that we found out that the earthquake had struck on the coast of Ecuador and was measuring above 7.
Anitra had in fact already messaged us first to see if we were okay (thanks Anitra) and we sent out a couple of emails to say we were okay. The strangest advent of all this technology we have now is that when I woke in the morning Facebook was asking if I wanted to put out a post to say that I was okay!! 
Luckily it’s something I haven’t had to do before but a really good idea.
But anyway we are safe but as I read the news reports this morning we have found out that dozens have been killed and unfortunately we don’t know the extent of the damage yet. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected in this beautiful country where everyone has been so friendly and inviting. T

The restaurant kept going!  But fortunately no other photos to show.

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