Swings and tree houses 

Day 3 in Banos and the four of us decided to go to the volcano viewpoint and a little further on to a treehouse that has two swings positioned over the valley and surrounds. We could have walked up the steep path to both of these but we decided to fork out the $1 each to catch bus. Best decision ever as we met a few of the guys from the previous night and they had walked up and told us it was a tough hike. The views were beautiful but unfortunately we couldn’t see the volcano due to clouds and it also rained intermittently while we were up there.

After we tried out the swing minus Tim (it looked way scarier than it was). We were feeling adventurous and decided to walk back into town. Well it certainly was very steep and luckily we only managed to lose the path once. There was a bit of slipping and sliding on certain parts but we made it to the statue of the Virgin Mary and sat down to a well deserved packed lunch.

After getting back and a short nap later we headed out for a walk to a bridge which spans the valley as Bill was considering doing the bridge swing the next day. To his credit even after seeing how high this bridge was he was still keen to do it. There was no way either us of were doing it but we’re looking forward to egging him on the next morning! 

We continued on over the bridge and managed to finally get a picture of Tungurahua volcano. S

The local delicacy in Banos is taffy. Every morning you see men stretching the warm taffy on these hooks and then breaking them off into pieces. Very hygienic as you can see but tasty.

 The treehouse in question with the swings perched precariously over the valley.

The view looking back from the treehouse

So much fun and the view was amazing

It looks worse than it was, though I still wouldn’t want to fall off!

 The view from the hike back down. It took us a good hour and a half to walk back down and it was really steep in some places.

The steps leading down from the Virgin. A nice change from the mud slide of the hike.

 The Virgin. 

A street filled with vendors selling sugar cane juice. How they all survive I have no idea.

 Emma, Bill and myself checking out the bridge swing.

Finally a view of the volcano! 

 The view of Banos over the bridge.

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