Medellin, First Night!

We caught an early bus to Medellin. The most amazing thing about the trip was that the bus had wifi so Tim was able to listen to Newcastle United win one of their all important games to avoid relegation. We seemed to have to take a detour off the main road for some reason but scenery was beautiful and all the little towns we passed were nice as well, even if the road was a little bumpy.
Upon arrival at Medellin in the afternoon we caught a taxi to our booked hostel only to find it shut. We were hanging around the front locked gate and a few guys came out from the next shop to tell us it was shut for renovations. They then proceeded to tell us where there was other hostels. Like we have said earlier, everyone here is really so friendly and eager to help.
So armed with our bags we walked to the recommended hostels and soon had our own room in a better location so it didn’t turn out so bad. The area where we were staying was billed as the hotspot for lots of bars and restaurants. We went out for a few drinks and some food and the area was really quite cool.
There were streets of an eclectic mix of funky bars and restaurants running all around a central square. It was Saturday night so it was quite busy and it really had a great buzz about the place. We managed to score an outside table at La Social and proceeded to sit out there drinking beer and people watching and listening to salsa music. We were served a bar snack by our waiter a local dish of green mango cut into chunks and covered in lime juice and salt. It was really delicious and definitely a dish I will be making at home.
We started to get a bit hungry so were wandering around having a look at all the restaurants when we came to one that looked like it would be fun. So we lined up after another Colombian couple to wait. They soon asked us where we were from in good English and it pretty quickly turned into a conversation as he had spent one year in New Zealand to improve his English. 
By the time their table came up they had a brief discussion to themselves and very kindly asked us if we would like to join them for dinner. We had a really nice time talking to them about pretty much everything. It is amazing how much you can discuss with very basic English. It turned out he (Efrain) was an up and coming musician and Yuliana was a Colombian bombshell you would expect on a musicians arm, though by no means just a pretty face and a real delight to talk too.
Although we were extremely curious to hear their views we were reluctant to mention anything to do with the FARC (rebel guerrillas who for years fought the government but have now sat down for peace talks). It was fortunate that we were talking about Venezuela and how it is dangerous for tourists etc and they said how the Venezuelan government is weak just like theirs.
We were surprised at this and we said but your economy is growing and everything is looking good for you. They said that yes the economy is looking good but they are in peace talks with the FARCS, no one in Colombia wants this as they have hurt too many people and have not been a part of the country for so long, to just now tell everyone that they are part of the Colombian people and we should welcome them is wrong.
It was a really fabulous night and we are so glad we got to experience a night out with some locals and all due to their amazing generosity. S

 Our local hangout, El Social.


Really cool buzz about the streets in El Poblado.
Really lucky to meet these guys and get a real insight into Medellin!!

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