Tayrona National Park

This morning I will admit that I awoke a little fuzzy headed after having enjoyed a few rums the night before but it wasn’t long until I was feeling fine as we were off to Tayrona National park. The park was described as where the rainforest meets the beach and we were both pretty excited.
After wandering around town a bit looking for the bus asking a fair few locals for directions we eventually got to the right place and jumped on. It wasn’t long before the bus was absolutely jam packed and I ended up standing (still a gentleman). Suddenly the conductor starting shouting at everyone and all those standing had to duck down. Turns out we had to hide from the transit police!!! Well I am sure they knew fine well how full the bus was but there was a sense that we got away with it!!
We soon arrived at the park proper where things all got a bit official! They wanted identification and us all to watch a video and listen to a talk. In fact it was harder to get into the park than into Colombia itself, and not helped by how hot it was.
After about an hour we were on the path heading off on our hike!! It was all very well signposted and easy and we loved hiking through the rainforest, excited about the beaches the other side. Not only to see how gorgeous it all was but because it was so hot and humid we were ready for a swim!!
Well we weren’t disappointed when we first glimpsed the sea as it was a beautiful turquoise colour, unfortunately though it was closed for swimming as it was too rough. So on we went.
It really was lovely walking from bay to bay every time we came around a headland a beautiful bay opened up before us and eventually we got to the end where we jumped straight into the water to cool down.
Now it wasn’t quite the private beach we had hoped for, there were plenty of there there. There were tented areas and hammocks and a restaurant but it was all rustic and still really nice.  
We certainly enjoyed relaxing in the water before we had to hike back, taking sneaky dips as we went to try and evade the heat!! We were almost praying for rain but it didn’t come!
Being fairly exhausted when we got back we didn’t have much planned to do, but as we got back we had a surprise FaceTime from Kelly and Ben to say that they had got engaged!!! Just fantastic news! So hopefully their wedding will feature later in this blog!
We celebrated with them in spirit with a delicious cup of ceviche from our local stall and an equally deliciously cold beer. Cheers to them both! T

Ducking down in the bus to escape the Colombian police!

The first local resident we saw at Tayrona.

The rainforest we walked through to get to the coast.

Our first glimpses of the water.  Just fantastically beautiful

Walking through the mangroves.

A local kid in the traditional garb selling coconuts to everyone who passed. Plus another 1000 for the photo!

A joke about Sarah’s coconuts!

Absolutely stunning!

We were very excited to get to a spot where we could swim.

Walking through the coconut trees.

This guy was just strutting along the beach, easily a meter long!

The bay where we decided to spend our day.

A little white after not seeing the sun for so long!

Sarah finally got to see a monkey in the wild!

A progress report on the Panama Hat.  Maybe not designed for the rigours of everyday use!

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