On the Road to Ometepe

Our day started by catching the 4.20am local bus to the highway. There we were dropped off at around 6.30 and according to the lady who sold us the tickets our bus would be along at 7. Well all the locals got on another bus which we were told was not ours and then we were left by ourselves. 7 came and went and still our bus wasn’t there. Just as we were starting to get a little nervous our bus showed at around 7.45. 
On we hopped, drove about a kilometer and stopped at a restaurant for breakfast! We were soon on our way and we didn’t really know what to expect at this border crossing but soon our bus conductor came over and in perfect American accented English proceeded to explain to us the procedure. It took us a little longer than the others as we had to pay an exit tax to leave Costa Rica and the machine wasn’t playing the game. But we soon found ourselves back on the bus and crossing the border into Nicaragua.
The bus stopped to complete the entrance into Nic and we had to get off with our bags, standard procedure. What wasn’t was the swarm of people surrounding the bus selling phone cards, money exchange oh and of all things hammocks. Because that is exactly what you want to purchase when entering a new country. It was hilarious! The procedure this end was pretty painless as we didn’t even have to complete it ourselves. The bus conductor took everyone’s passports and forms and came back with them all stamped and handed them back out again. Probably not the smartest of things to do on our behalf but we didn’t really have a choice.
Back on the bus we only had about another hour to get to Rivas where we were dropped off on the side of the road and met by two tricycle taxis competing for our fare. I must also mention that it felt about 35 degrees. Well we probably paid to much but he had to peddle both of us and our bags which in total probably weighed 200kgs the 6kms to the ferry terminal. It was certainly fun for us, for him not so much.
The ferry ride over was beautiful with a constant view of the island and its two volcanoes slowly getting closer and closer. It took an hour and that was due to a combination of a very slow ferry and a very large lake we were crossing. On arrival we declined the use of taxis to get to our hostel as it was only 5 blocks away. Big mistake! If it felt 35 degrees at Rivas it felt about 44 degrees here. We nearly died! 
We dumped our stuff and went for some lunch. But it really wasn’t enjoyable as it was so oppressively hot. We couldn’t find a spot to cool down so ended up just sitting in a restaurant and sweating. Even when it got dark we still were struggling. Our plan of maybe hiking one of the volcanoes went out the window in about 5 mins of being on the island so we will have to find something else to do to occupy ourselves tomorrow. S

If there is one thing we have learnt its to be patient when travelling by bus.

A bus on the beach!!

Our trusty ferry to take us across Lake Nicaragua 

It’s always a bit ominous when they had out the life jackets before you depart.

The two volcanoes that make up Isla de Ometepe.

Concepcion volcano.

The port at Moyogalpa.

Enjoying some cold beverages.

The local DIY store.

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