Chicken bus to Granada

We awoke again to sweltering heat. Even with the fan it was uncomfortable. So we went out for breakfast and walked around for a little bit as it seemed marginally cooler outside than in our little heat box B&B. 
Gio from the hostel gave us a lift to the ferry terminal, thank god as I don’t think I could have made it. Luckily there was a little more breeze out on the ferry and it was covered so all in all a pleasant ride.
Once off the ferry we went in search of a taxi to take us to the bus terminal. Frustratingly they kept trying to con us into taking the taxi all the way to Granada or tying to charge us ridiculous prices. Eventually we found the reasonable taxi man who took us to the bus terminal for the correct amount. This terminal was insane! More a market than a bus terminal, the goings on were mind blowing. We soon got directions to our correct area and stood waiting. A very nice man came over and made sure we were in the correct spot and then told us that others would come over and try and get us in another bus that didn’t take us all the way to Granada and we would then have to catch a taxi the rest of the way if we went with them. Sure enough this is what happened and they were very disappointed when we sternly told them no.
So I soon realized that there was not a toilet around and was wondering how far I would have to go to find one when the same man overheard and said he would take me to a toilet in the nearby market. So off I went. Yes I know this sounds dodgy but I kept my wits about me and sure enough he directed me through the rabbit warren of market stalls to the toilet. I was kind of hoping he would wait for me because although I knew the direction of the bus terminal I wasn’t exactly sure how to get back.
But like the nice man he was he waited patiently for me outside and then proceeded to take me back to the terminal. So at this stage I am thinking maybe I should give him some money. But then I was irritated that I thought that the only reason someone would do something like that is for money. So we didn’t give him any money but thanked him profusely and hopped on the bus. I understand that we probably have more money than them and a few dollars for us is nothing but to them it is a lot. But I am so sick of being taken to the cleaners because we are gringos and therefore thinking the worst of people when maybe there are still nice people out there who generally want to help others.
Enough of that. We soon found ourselves trundling down the road to Grenada in an old American school bus fondly called Chicken Buses here and making stops every few kilometers to pick up and drop off locals. No wonder the 80km flat trip was going to take us 2 and a half hours! Well for the $1.50 we paid each we can’t really complain.
We were dropped off in the middle of a bustling road market in Granada. There was action everywhere including a bus that had broken down in the middle of the road and cars and motorbikes frantically trying to maneuver around. The closer we walked to the centre the less crazy it got and soon we were walking by amazingly colored colonial style houses. Already we thought we would love this place.
Our hostel is pretty much right in the centre and we had splashed out and paid $40 a night for this place but we were not disappointed! It was what we thought was a renovated old colonial house but we soon found out from the owner that it was built 5 years ago and in the old town of Granda you have to build to colonial specifications. To top it off they had 2 Dalmatian boys who were about a year old so we got to get our dog fix in. Though it really makes us miss our two so much. Nonetheless we were looking forward to spending the next three nights here! S

View from around town.

Our local breakfast joint. Best rice and beans I have ever tasted. Had a nice recently swept dirt floor as well.

Tiny town, big church.

More street views

The cows being herded for a drink and swim in the lake.

Leaving shot on the ferry.

Our chicken bus!

Market slash bus terminal.

Our initial view of Granada. So much to see!

Just one of the many amazing streets around old town. Can’t wait to explore tomorrow! 

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