Bye bye Granada, Hello Leon

So one last quick (and hot) walk around Granada this morning and then we were off. It’s going to be sad to leave here we have loved our time in Granada, and while we have crammed so much into our two days we could have kept going for a whole week at that pace and not seen everything.
The transfer to Leon was going to take us 3 hrs and we decided to splurge and take a minibus (with air conditioning) for $15. I was a bit annoyed but then as soon as we sat in the cool and didn’t have to worry about bags being stolen/pick pockets etc I settled down to a more relaxing journey.
We arrived in Leon and got dropped straight off at our hostel. The first thing we noticed about Leon was that it certainly has a bit more of an edge to it than Granada.
We set off for a walk around town and the place was strangely encapsulating if not necessarily beautiful outright. It isn’t a tourist town although there are a few around.
We waited for the sun to set and for the temp to drop and then went out to the central square where we had heard that there was to be some live music. Sure enough right in front of the Cathedral de La Asuncion there was a stage set up and groups dancing.
It was a truly fantastic way to start our Leon experience as we sat in a nearby bar and watched the dancing. It started off very traditionally but gradually the girls started wearing less and less and the dancing got a bit more modern!! A guy impersonating Michael Jackson finished off the dancing before two old crooners took the show until the end.
Dinner was a bit of street food, this time a sort of pizza. The base was stuffed with chicken and cheese and then more cheese, a tomato salsa and coleslaw on top. Good munchie food. T

Our corner store.  You aren’t actually allowed into the shop.  You have to ask for what you want through the door, luckily our Spanish is improving.

The street that our Hostel was on.

Nicaragua is definitely the home of the rocking chair.  Everyone, and I mean everyone has one.

Our first church in Leon.

A bit more of an edge to the place.

The colours of the buildings are mind blowing every time you see them.

A great way to spend Saturday night.

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