Chichi Markets

We were off to another local market about 2 hours away today. We caught a shuttle there and I must admit the road from San Marcos to the town on the other side of the mountain was one of the worst we have ever been on and it wasn’t even dirt! The pot holes in the road could have nearly swallowed a car. 
The market itself was huge! A mix of artisan crafts and then markets for the locals but it all kind of mixed into each other. So one minute you were looking at beautiful tapestries and then you were wandering around a fruit market. We even saw an indigenous lady selling something that involved a dead snake. Maybe the healing power of snake venom?? Not sure what it was but it was entertaining. The clothing that the indigenous ladies and men wore were fantastic. The ladies had these amazingly embroidered blouses tucked into patterned skirts coupled with embroidered belts. 
Another positive is that our bartering skills have improved no end. Especially since we know that they definitely start at least double the price. We managed (mostly Tim) to purchase a wool blanket for just over a quarter of starting price. Winning. Except for the fact that we had to then purchase another bag to carry the blanket. But can’t complain really as the quality of goods here were really top notch.
The tiring part of the market was the street hawkers. You would be looking at a stall and they would tap you on the shoulder and try and sell you a tapestry or flute etc. For some reason they would gravitate towards Tim and harras him. The three of us would all say no thankyou and turn away and they wouldn’t hassle us any more. But they would chase Tim down the street. It was pretty hilarious. We even had a lady selling him tapestries right up until we shut the shuttle bus door. 
Once back it was decided to frequent the curry house again as the other three have all been deprived of their weekly curry for so long we had to have two in three days. Didn’t bother me as they were delish. S

One of the fruit markets. This one in a basketball court. You can see all the ladies wearing their traditional dress.

The snake catcher/voodoo lady.

As you can see the indigenous population here are tiny! It was great just standing there listening to them speak in their native tongue. 

Then in the middle of it all you stumble across this church. 

This church was at the other end of the market but for some reason the steps were also used as stalls for the market. 

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