Cayo Jutias

Another beautiful morning in Cuba and another enormous breakfast courtesy of our hosts then it was off in our classic car to what was meant to be a superb beach about an hours drive away.
We were happily cruising along in our classic once again enjoying the spectacular countryside while listening to the driver’s cd which unfortunately was power ballads for gringos. Phil Collins, Bryan Adams etc etc. Still it was hard to wipe the smiles off of our faces.
We weren’t sure what to expect but the view that greeted us was nothing short of amazing. The sea was absolutely beautiful and the sand pretty amazingly white too and we wandered up the beach to find our own piece of paradise. We soon found a spot and settled down to enjoy a day of swimming, reading and blog writing. Just a ridiculously perfect existence. Amazing.
The shoreline was littered with driftwood almost seemingly placed there deliberately for photos and in between there were gaps to set up camp for the day it was all so perfect it seemed manufactured. So far Cuba seems to be the most perfect of holiday destinations.
The water here is just perfect for swimming and relaxing in. Just cold enough to cool you down and so clear its ridiculous. How it gets that turquoise blue colour I don’t know but it’s properly spectacular.
So far food has been a bit of a mixed bag in Cuba so we went for a ham and cheese “Cuban” sandwich for lunch. Which is effectively a ham (which Sarah calls spam ham and refuses to eat) and cheese toastie not overly cheap but it fills you up. Accompanied by the view though made the whole affair pretty memorable.
Our taxi picked us up on time and we cruised home, this time listening to some salsa which was a bit better. The countryside was so green once again and dotted with farms. The soil must be pretty fertile here and I think because we are here in the rainy season we are seeing the best of it. Either way, very beautiful countryside and very amusing to see the incredibly slow pace of life the locals lead here!! There seems to be a lot of hanging around just chewing the fat.
We decided to see what the back streets of Vinales had to offer, not that there were many options but we did find a nice looking place on a corner with some bbqs and outdoor seating. The food was pretty bland but to be fair just what we were looking for to rest our stomachs from the spicy abuse of Mexico!!
We had a bit more energy tonight but still the same two options to go to so off we went to our now local to listen to the band play some salsa while we sipped on Mojitos. This time we arrived a little later at the second bar and the place was packed, it was standing room only.
The band soon came on and the dance floor was packed!! It’s an outdoor dance floor with a covered area around it but it was a pretty hot and sweaty affair. It was really great to see everyone dancing from those who had obviously just had a couple of lessons to those who seemed as though they were born on the dance floor! I love the salsa music and watching the dancing was even better, Sarah and I even managed to pick up a lesson from the waiter at the restaurant we had been to which was quite amusing!!
We watched the dancing until fairly late before going home and finishing the evening off on the roof terrace of our casa having yet another great chat about all things with Piata!! T

This is a typical traffic scene in Cuba.

Another day, another classic car taxi ride.

Absolutely stunning first view of the beach!

Me relaxing in the beautiful sea.

Sarah getting up close with a couple of the locals.  When we were walking from beach to beach we had to pass just inland and you could hear the rustle of all the crabs rushing back to their lairs.

Driftwood shots a plenty on the beach.

Glad we didn’t swim straight into this one.

Difficult not to enjoy yourself in a place like this.

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