Isla Mujeres 

Just off the Cancun coast there is an island called Isla Mujeres. Friends that we had met along the way had raved about the place so we were pretty excited. 

We caught the ferry over and were again in awe of the crystal clear water. I can’t get enough of it. The island had been billed as a quiet place to get away from Cancun for a while. Well what we call quiet and everyone else’s quiet is a different thing as although nowhere near as crazy as Cancun it was still very busy. The good thing about it though is that it doesn’t have the massive beach resorts right at the water so you can walk right up to the beach. 

We walked around the beach and went for a swim and then rented a golf cart and drove all around the island. The north side of the island has the beautiful beach and the south side has a dramatic shoreline that drops into spectacular water. The island gets its name Woman Island from the Mayan females making a pilgrimage here to bathe in the water and make offerings to the fertility God. It’s pretty easy to see why the Mayans chose this spot as sacred as the island is beautiful.
We then headed back to the beach in the sweltering heat and the number of people had increased ten fold. We hired a lounger on the beach with shade and sat back and enjoyed some lunch with regular dips in the water. Well I say we but sitting on a packed beach with people crammed in on loungers either side of us is not my husband’s cup of tea. It’s not really mine either but every time you went for a swim or looked at the crystal clear ocean it made it worth it. I enjoyed the relax and Tim beared it for me.

Once the midday heat subsided we headed back on the ferry to Cancun. I can see why everyone raves about Isla Mujeres and to be fair we did go on a Sunday so it might have made it busier than normal but we still rate Mahahual as our favorite Mexican beach town. But again we didn’t see that with the cruise ships there so maybe we are making an unrealistic comparison. It does seem as if the further north we have gone the water has gotten even more turquoise so very much looking forward to Cuba to see if the trend continues! S

On the ferry over with Cancun in the background.

View from near the ferry terminal looking towards the north beach.

No explanation needed. The most inviting water I have ever seen.

Taken on an outlook near the southern part of the island. I think that turquoise blue is my favourite colour ever.

On the opposite side of the island looking south. You can’t swim along any of this coast as the current is too strong but the view is not too bad at all.

The Main Street.

Just a little crowded! So glad we had purchased the shade though!

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