Off to Vinales

We awoke to a phone call from the embassy telling us that our funds were ready for collection which was excellent news as we were able to head off to Vinales. Well done Kelly, what a lifesaver.
We left a message at Piata’s casa to meet us at a bus station and headed off to pick up our cash and find a suitable classic car to take us on our 3.5 hour journey. We had been told to go to a certain bus station where we could find a car to take us to Vinales and as we pulled up there was a man there who sorted us out with a lift straight away. In a Cadillac!!
The car was superbly cool and sounded like a tank rumbling down the road and manoeuvred like a boat. Just what we were looking for. There was so much space inside we all spread out and enjoyed the scenery.
We travelled most of the journey along three lanes of dual carriageway all of which were more or less empty and the whole experience was just what we wanted. We stopped off after an hour or so at a tabacco farm where we had a quick tour and got to buy to cost price Cohiba cigars we were having the time of our lives.
Vinales and the surrounds are absolutely stunning scenery if a little touristy but we soon found our casa where Yamilka the hostess showed us to our fantastic rooms and set about making us feel at home. Just wonderful. She offered us dinner so we took her up on the suggestions and went off to buy some beers and rum to enjoy in the rooftop terrace.
It was at this point that we found out that our cigars might not have been exactly what we thought as the first was completely un smokable !! Still you win some you lose some I guess. Dinner though was a complete success as we had loads of lobster and fish all accompanied by malanga which is similar to a yucca and absolutely delicious how very lucky we were to have found such a great spot.
We soon forgot about our unfortunate purchase of the cigars and set about planning what we were going to do for the next couple of days!! T

No that’s a taxi!

Plenty of space in the back and plenty of excitement in the car from all of us.

The tobacco leaves drying in the farm we stopped at.

Another “movie set” shot in Cuba.  This was at the farm we stopped at to buy the “Cohibas.”

Along the side of the road we passed plenty of these propaganda signed just to remind everyone how good they have it!

Sarah and Piata relaxing on the rooftop of our Casa in Vinales

Since we wrote this it turns out that not all our cigars are duds!  Hooray!

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