Back in Australia! For a little while

After spending pretty much exactly a year away, I was looking forward to going home for a little while to family and friends, hot showers, good toilets, green vegetables, home cooked meals, red wine and sleeping in the same bed for more than a few days. The transfer home was pretty nasty with us flying Havana to Cancun to Los Angeles to Brisbane to Townsville. We did stop over in Los Angeles to break up the trip as I would have gone insane otherwise.  
We managed a few days with my Mum and Dad which was really great before the rest of the family descended for Mum’s 70th birthday at Magnetic Island. It was an awesome weekend where our family probably doubled the monthly bar takings in two nights. It does help when the immediate family is over 40 people. 
After sorting out our visas for the next part of the trip, we then proceeded to spend the next few weeks eating and drinking ourselves into fat fools catching up with friends and family. We wondered what it would feel like going home after being away for so long but it kind of just felt as if we had only left yesterday.
Our plan of winding down didn’t really come into fruition until we headed back up north where we spent a week at my families beach house at Cape Upstart. Tim was the tractor driver and I was the boat captain. Loads of mud crab and fish were caught, which was great as we didn’t take any meat with us!
It was a great recharge of the batteries and we were soon looking forward to our next adventure. I definitely needed the break but was by no means ready to settle down and get a job and a real life again. After a year of travel it was lovely to come back to the Sunny Coast and after everything we have experienced in our travels I don’t think I have seen a place that compares. But we have many more places to see and we will enjoy seeing them all! S

The view from the only high ground around Home Hill, Inkerman Hill. As you can tell its pretty much farms and more farms. 

A view of the family farm. 

Tim with the new wonder horse Freddy. 

The view from one of the lookouts at Maggie Island.  I hadn’t been to the Island since school camp and forgot how stunning beautiful the island was.  It did help that it had rained so everything was lovely and green.

Me and the birthday girl!

One of the furry residents at Maggie. She was just perched right off the walkway.  

Checking the crab pots with my brother Brendon.

Farmer Tim.  He did a fabulous job getting the boat in and out of the water using the tractor.

Brendon, Tim and I managed to take the big boat out to “The Patch” fishing spot.  Not a lot of fish were caught but it was a beautiful day on the water and the beer was cold.

Reeling in the catch!

After the short cape trip with the brother we then headed down to Mackay to spend some time with my sister and her family.  Just across the range is Eungella which is stunningly beautiful.  Also there are wild resident platapuses which we were lucky enough to see. They are still by far the weirdest animal I have ever seen.

The view from Eungella chalet.

Our next stop on our journey down south was Agnes Waters and 1770, named so because it was the first place Captail Cook landed on his discovery of Australia.  They are both just sleepy little beach towns with beautiful views.

There was this really great short walk just behind the beach where you walked through a swamp land filled with Tee Trees.  The smell was amazing. 

Our next stop was home.  As we are renting out our house we had to rely on the hospitality of our friends.  Thanks Eb and Dan and Matt and Kris!  Here is Matt setting up the camp fire in their front yard in Mooloolaba.

We went fishing with Matt and I managed to catch these two monster flat head.  They were delicious in Matt’s Thai green curry.  The boys didn catch a thing……. 

This is Tim’s first ever Dagwood Dog! We went to the Ecca (Brisbane Show) with my brother Paul and his family.   We had a lot of fun watching Olivia and Dylan on the rides.

The show at the end included motorbikes, hot rods, Cowboys, horses and cattle and epic fireworks. What more could you want.

We also managed to catch up with our golfing friends. The weather was spectacular but the golf was not so spectacular. Still after a year off we didn’t do so bad.

The awesome foursome.  Tim, myself, Darryl and Nathan.

Back to the cape just the two of us.  The first two of our nine crabs!

Eating said crab down the beach with a beer.  Paradise.

Now that is one full Nipper!

On one of our fishing trips we ran into these three.  They came within about 10 metres of our boat.  It was truly an awesome experience and one we nearly had on film. Except I forgot to press play.  They are such beautiful and majestic creatures.  Also bloody huge!

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