Sarah’s Shanghai Thoughts

I didn’t quite know what to expect from Shanghai before we left but we absolutely loved the place from arrival. It actually made it on the list of cities we could live in. We prefer it to Hong Kong as it seems more oriental yet still user friendly for Westerners.  
I know a few days is not a lot of time to make comments on a place but first impressions are that I feel more comfortable/safer here than in South and Central America. Now we never had any problems over there, I am more just commenting on at face value, asian people are far less threatening. Trying to put my finger on it I think it is that South and Central Americans are a harder people. Writing that it sounds stupid because of course they are going to be harder as most of those countries are third world and China certainly isn’t. I also think here they are more expressive and smile a lot more. Also they are tiny! Not just short but tiny. Anyway I shall ponder more on this and keep you posted.
While I am comparing I will also mention that over here they are far more reserved in their driving with little horn use and they generally stick to the road rules. The exception on all of the above are scooter drivers. They don’t seem to have rules and anywhere a scooter will fit it is allowed to go. For example up the wrong way down a one way street, on pedestrian walkways and parks. They are also all electric so you can’t here them coming and are most are held together by cello tape. Not duct tape as any normal person would use, but cello tape. It’s quite unnerving to be walking down a pathway only to have a scooter drive past you. You pretty much need to look every which way before crossing even if it is a green man. 
So far most things have been written in Mandarin and English which has been great. I have a sneaky feeling that might change when we leave the more well known cities. I think we might be eating a lot of what the person had in front of us or on the table beside. But so far the food has been wonderful.
The fashions here are fascinating. The general fashion sense is very casual, you fit in with denim shorts and a singlet. But you could be brushing shoulders with an immaculately dressed lady in stilettos and silks or alternatively she could be wearing cat ears. Anything goes and their smart clothes are cutting edge and very fun. No wonder the high end brands all have shops here. 
A few negatives we have experienced here, one being the spitting. It is socially acceptable for men and women to hock up a giant spitball and spit it out on the pavement. It’s really gross. Another is the no concept of queuing. But that was the same in South America so we are pretty used to that. The smells over here are pretty intense as well. It’s a lot cleaner than I expected yet sometimes you get a waft of something from their bins that is pretty eye watering.
But so far we are loving our China adventure. Tomorrow we catch a train to Suzhou so we shall see how we get along with that. S

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