Eating Our Way Around Xi’an

We awoke a bit knackered today after our overnight train and huge day yesterday but set out for a walk around Xi’an starting at the Big Goose Pagoda. On the way Sarah spotted a hairdresser and popped in for a “quick” haircut which ended with the hairdresser (with attendant at full attention by his side holding various products) talking to Sarah as if she had any idea about what he was saying while he carefully arranged each hair into its correct position.
We then had a look at the Big Goose Pagoda which was on a lean similar to the Tower of Pisa. There was an entry fee to get into the park though and we saw that there was a fair amount of scaffolding around the base of the Pagoda so we decided to give it a miss.
We decided to revisit the Muslim Quarter for lunch as we had some unfinished business to attend to. Namely a Chinese hamburger (for which we had to queue for 30 mins), a succulent kebab, begnan curd noodles with chili and an ice cream. All of which were absolutely delicious!! 
There were some markets selling trinkets around the food and we had a look and a bit of a barter to keep our practice up but didn’t buy much other than overpaying massively for a “Beats” portable speaker 50 yuan!! Still it seemed to work so will do for the rest of the trip.
There was a Mosque in the area and as we had never been to one we thought we would go and have a look. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding markets the Mosque was within some walled gardens and was very peaceful and beautiful. It was lovely walking around the gardens and seeing the Mosque.
We had one last “tick” item to do and that was a walk on the ancient walls of the city of Xi’an. They have been fully restored so you can walk all the way around but we went for a late afternoon stroll along a small part of it. It was actually quite peaceful and very nice and relaxing walking along looking at the city.
It sounds ridiculous but we then went back for more food this time some local dumplings in a fantastic spicy broth, some wild vegetables (spinach like) and some chicken in a local sauce (feet and eggs included). Again just absolutely delicious! Lucky we are doing so much walking around!! T

There is a fair lean on that Pagoda!  Just below the roof of the building in front there was scaffolding…maybe it’s finally about to topple!

This guy meticulously made every Chinese hamburger and they were worth the 30 min wait.

I don’t think this guy got voted number one for hygiene but his kebabs were tasty.

Potatoes boiled then fried with spices…perfect.

You will have to ask Sarah what these tasted like…they looked fantastic though.

A couple of shots in the gardens of the Mosque.  Really a peaceful place to walk around.

The view from the south gate up to the Bell Tower.

The walk along the city walls in Xi’an.

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