Beijing Day 2

It was a dreary wet day when we woke up so our plans of hitting the Temple of Heaven Park in the morning were scrapped. After a very slow start we headed out near the train station to pick up our Trans Mongolian rail tickets and ticked off a few admin things and before we knew it we were back in the dumpling restaurant for lunch. The weather was clearing so after a lazy lunch we headed over to The Temple of Heaven Park. The park was originally used for rituals and sacrifices by the Emperor and also his accommodation for three days prior to the ceremonies for cleansing.  

We entered via the east gate and proceeded down a wast walkway lined with pines and cypresses. It had stopped raining but it was still not the greatest of weather. Along the way we encountered some locals playing keepie uppies with a kind of shuttle cock. They waved us over and soon we were both in the game. Tim also tried his hand at bat ball but with a shuttle cock and soon had a bat in each of his hands. 

After working up quite a sweat we headed further into the park looking at rose gardens, pagodas and temples. By the time we had finished it was getting late so we headed back home.

For dinner we walked back down our trusty restaurant street and came to a place with a line out front. We took a number and sat down to wait. The numbers were all in Chinese but luckily the lady told us when it was our time and were ushered to our table. All of the tables were eating giant bowls of little lobster like creatures so after some pointing to other tables we had ordered ours. 

You get plastic gloves for the lobsters and after a bit of a fumble we had the ultimate lobster de shelling technique. What we did not realize was that the sauce was full of amazingly hot chillies! Our mouths and lips were soon covered with a delicious burn but interestingly our throats were not. The lobsters were delicious and so were the accompanying dishes. The locals know where to get the good food alright. S

Still a bit dark and gloomy but as you can see it didn’t stop the crowds.

Action shot! Such a fun game and yes we purchased a shuttle for future games.

Playing cards under the walkways was the thing to do. I am in love with their coloured wooden archways.

Another day another awesome pagoda. This one the support pillars were holding up the roof without any nails.

The Emperors residencies during th cleansing period.

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