Snow in Terelj

It was pretty toasty in the ger when we awoke and Tim stoked the fire. We needed to venture outside for our morning pee and opened the door to a blanket of crisp white snow covering of everything. It must have snowed all throughout the night. It was one of the prettiest things I have seen and something I will never forget. Our ger was covered in snow with our little chimney sticking out. The golden trees were covered in a layer of snow and everything just looked clean and fresh. 

That was soon ruined by the ger owner trying to drive his car through the snow to get to Ulaan Baator but he didn’t make it very far and soon needed assistance from us to push him out. Again he didn’t make it far and soon got out threw his hands in the air and left the car and started walking back to the ger camp. 

We packed a lunch and went hiking. Unfortunately we also didn’t get far as we couldn’t manage to cross the river without getting our feet wet. We went back to the ger camp and headed the other way and soon found the same issue. It was still a nice walk along the river in the woods. We had lunch out there and Sandro boiled some water for tea. We also managed to pick up a beautiful dog who must have smelt our tuna sandwiches. He was really lovely and followed us all the way home and layed down in front of our ger. By this stage it was mid afternoon and I don’t think we would have made it much further than we did anyway as the snow had started seeping into our shoes and our feet were freezing. 

We all got warm around Sandro and Tamar’s fire and continued with our card games while sipping vodka. It was an awesome way to spend the rest of the afternoon. Our hosts were a little rowdy when we got back from our walk and when we went to get more wood for our fires they were passed out in their ger. Maybe it is tradition to drink a bottle of vodka on the first day of snowfall in Mongolia……. It didn’t really matter as we were not getting dinner from them as we had brought supplies so we collected the last of the firewood ourselves from their pile and boiled up some water for noodles. Then at about 8.30pm our door opens and a big bowl of Mongolian mutton soup gets delivered to us. It must have gotten lost in translation that we didn’t want dinner so we politely filled out bowls and ate a second dinner! 

The temperature had really started to drop when we got back to our ger but Tim got the fire started again and it warned the place slightly. 

The next day we headed back to Ulaan Bataar but unfortunately old mate had ruined his car trying to get out of the snow yesterday so we had to walk the 2kms to the bus stop through snow and over rickety river crossings. It certainly was an adventure but we made it back and enjoyed a wonderful hot shower! 

I must admit that although I have loved experiencing Mongolian nomadic life living in a ger, after two nights I was definitely ready for a hot shower and a warm place to sleep and it’s only Autumn! They really are a tough people and no wonder they drink straight vodka to keep them warm. I take my hat off to them making a life in such an inhospitable place. S 

Our ger in the morning.

The camp.

On our walk we came across another ger camp. That is a whole ger backed up on that tiny trailer.

The crew.

Our adopted dog. 

All of us following the owner to the bus stop.

This bridge was tough. The snow after a night had frozen and the bridge had a slight lean to it. I must admit there was one hairy part where I thought I was in the water bag and all!

While we were waiting for our bus a herd of horses, cows and yaks and then sheep and goats passed us with their owner. We think he was moving them to their winter ger.

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