Krasnoyarsk to Omsk to Yekaterinburg 

Our luck ran out with the trains. Our longest trip from Krasnoyarsk to Omsk was from noon until 8 am and unfortunately we were sharing our cabin with two Russian men. But it was okay and we soon found ourselves in Omsk. In hind site we wouldn’t have bothered with the stop off here as there wasn’t much to see but we had a nice apartment where it was great to cook our own food, do our washing and sit around and relax for two days before our next train trip to Yekaterinburg.

The train to Yekateringburg was another overnighter and we were bunking with a lovely Russian man who was desperate to talk to us but unfortunately his English was as good as our Russian. But again we managed to communicate a little and he even escorted us to the metro station to catch a train to the stop near our apartment. Another example that make me have renewed faith in the human race.

Yekateringburg on first impressions is a really lovely city. Definitely the most western we have seen with quite a lot of new high rise buildings, modern restaurants and bars. After dropping our bags off we headed out for a walk around. I sound like a broken record but again it was cold. Like -8 degrees cold with a wind that cut through you like nobodies business. We passed an amazing old church tucked in between high rises and neon billboards which seems to epitomize Yekateringburg. Our favorite of the day though was a house that was owned by a local gold mining magnate. The colours and intricacies again phenomenal. We were pretty chilled by now so wandered through a big shopping centre to get warm and came across the biggest supermarket we have seen here. Of note the cheese section was far bigger than the fruit and veg section. Finding fruit and veg in Russia has been a struggle but interestingly bananas have been cheap and really tasty in all supermarkets. I can’t figure out where they are coming from. But I will not complain as they have been my source of fruit for a few weeks now. S

I don’t think the trams have been updated in Omsk for awhile.

The church in Omsk.

Along the river in Omsk

More snow in Yekaterinburg.

Right off the train this is one of the first buildings we come across.

The old and new.

From one photo to the next, check the sky! 

Sevastianov’s house.


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