St Petersburg 

Our luxury train arrived early in the morning but not before a lovely hot breakfast served to our cabin. I could get used to this kind of traveling! The train station was only about 1 km from our hotel so we strapped on our bags and headed out on foot. 
We were staying just off Nevsky Street which is the Main Street leading to the Hermitage lined with restaurants, bars and shops. Again the architecture was just amazing with building after building of stunning design. St Petersburg also has canals throughout the town which add a real European flare to the city.
We walked past The Church on Spilled Blood which is similar in design to St Basil’s with textured, colored onion spires on one of the mentioned canals. I am sounding like a broken record but Wow! Next we headed towards the Heritage and surrounds. We didn’t feel up for exploring the 360 rooms in our sleep deprived state so decided to save that for another day. We then headed back but on the way stopped off at the Faberge museum. Okay so I will confess my ignorance here. I knew about Fabrege eggs and that they were works of art. But I didn’t know that only 65 eggs were made in total with 50 of those for the Russian royal family. We were going into the museum expecting rooms full of eggs and were slightly disappointed when only 9 eggs were on display! 
But we soon realized our error. They really are works of art and the descriptions of the suprise inside and what some of the later eggs did were crazy. The rest of the jewelry was nice but not what we went to see. So we have seen over half of the Royal eggs without even trying as 10 are at the Armory in the Kremlin in Moscow. We nearly missed them hidden within rooms and rooms full of opulence. 
We then went and checked into our hotel and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. Venturing out at night for some dinner and walk to see the Church on the Spilled Blood under lights. S

Venice meets Russia!

Another beautiful street.

The Church of the Spilled Blood.

The Coronation egg. The carriage is apparently an exact replica of the carriage used to drive the Emporor and Empress to the Palace. Down to working axels, a step that descended when the door opened and curtains etched in the glass.

This egg wasn’t one of the royal eggs but was made for the wife of a rich Russian. The cockerel came out of the egg on the hour and moved its feathers and beak. 

This egg didn’t actually do anything because the outside was so intricate. Fair enough really. Each egg would apparently take a year to make.

Worth braving the cold! Luckily we had our hip flask with Vodka!

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