Last day in Russia

We had a big day planned so got up and hit the ground running, walking to the Church of the Spilled Blood via the Milhaulovsky gardens. It was lightly snowing big fluffy flakes and the temperature was not that cold so we were pretty happy. Blue sky would have been the ultimate but you can’t have it all! Aftertaking our obligatory shots of the outside with the snow we headed inside. I was dumbfounded when I walked in as I was expecting something similar to the rabbit warren of St Basils in Moscow. So not the case! It was one big room with the walls and ceiling covered in paintings of Jesus which is normal but this was done in mosaics. The tiles would have been no bigger than 1 cm squares. They were that good that you really had to look to make sure it was out of tiles and not painted. A really really stunning church.
Next was the museum of political history. This was on the other side of the river so we walked across which should have given us wonderful views back but unfortunately the weather was a little nasty by this stage and the snow was coming down a little harder so everything was grey. We were pretty excited about the museum as it was going to fill in all the little holes we had but when we got there we discovered it shut on the last Monday of the month. Really not impressed! But we still had lots to do so continued on.
Peter and Paul fortress was next where the city of St Petersburg originally started. Also the last of the Romanovs have been buried here in the cathedral. Next we walked back across the river near the Hermitage where we got stunning albeit grey and cold views of the riverside buildings and back toward the fortress where there is a sand beach apparently great for sunbathing. Hahaha good luck getting me near that water even in summer! We then went back to St Isaacs cathedral. Where we climbed to the top for great views of the city. The inside was impressive as it is massive and the frescos beautiful on such a high ceiling. It would hold thousands of people inside. 
By this stage the weather was horrible with sleet like snow blowing right in our faces so we headed home. We have loved St Perersburg and regret not spending more time here. In hindsight we wouldn’t have wasted our first half day just walking around as we had left ourselves short. In saying that I think we could have spent very easily another week discovering St Petersburg and would not have got sick of the place. S

Church of the Blood through the park.

Inside th church showing just how amazing the mosaic work is.

All of these pictures are done in mosaic. Unless it is pointed out you wouldn’t be able to tell in the picture.

The summer garden. Not looking so summery though.

Peter and Paul’s fortress.

The view looking back to the fortress. Not the greatest of weather. You can see the beach which is apparently great for sunbathing.

The Hermitage and surrounding river buildings.

The view from the top of St Osaacs.

Inside the church. Not mosaics but impressive none the less.

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