We were pretty excited this morning when we awoke as we were picking up a car and going for a little road trip into Transylvania, Romania. After the usual annoying rental car pick up routine we were off! Not that fast though as we are in a little 1L Kia Picanto. Lucky it’s a manual.
It was a little dreary today and the scenery out of Budapest wasn’t the most interesting. Very flat farmland with a few wooded areas to break the monotony. We soon hit the border and actually had to wait in line to cross. The first border that actually had control since we came in via Russia. But we didn’t have any hassles and we were soon in Romania! Our overnight stop was a town called Timisoara. We thought we pretty much were fated to stay there really. 
No surprises but the landscape in Romania was pretty much the same as the Hungarian side. But it’s pretty obvious that it’s poorer than its neighbor. The houses driving in were a little dilapidated and the roads off the A1 were in need of a lot of TLC. As we had the car we were staying in an apartment a little out of the city centre. So we booked in and drove into town for a little walk around. Well we didn’t really think this through as the traffic was horrendous and we struggled to find a park. Just as we were both getting ready to call it quits we found a car park! 
We didn’t have long so we just walked down the main pedestrianized street which lead to the main square. The surrounding buildings were beautiful, each a different colour and design, with two old churches facing each other around the square. This square was where, in December 1989 protestors started the unrest that would eventually spread through Romania and lead to the capture of Ceausesu who was a brutal Communist dictator who ruled Romania from the 1950’s. 
We headed back towards the Cathedral via some more picturesque streets. The Cathedral itself dominated the far end of the pedestrianised street with its coloured roof tiles and dome. Inside was spectacular as well with massive gold chandeliers seemingly floating over the interior. It was getting dark by this stage so we headed back to the apartment. Which was nice and relaxing until our neighbors got home. We left it until 11pm and then Tim politely knocked on their door and asked them to keep it down. Which didn’t go down so well and he ended up on the receiving end of some abuse. Luckily we think the owners must have then come down and said something to him as he mysteriously went quiet. Phew! S

You know when you are in Romania when you have to follow a horse and cart and dog! 

If only the o was on the other side of the s. The it really would have been our town.

KFC slightly ruins the eery Transylvanian look of the building.

Some of the balconies are just fantastic. Not too sure I would want to set foot on it though.

The square and its beautiful buildings.

The Cathedral.

I would bank here just for the name.

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