Berlin Top Sights

With our pre booked tickets and passports ready we set off for the number 1 attraction in Berlin, the Reichstag. It is the home of the German Parliament and has been bombed and rebuilt a bit in it’s past but the building is pretty impressive!! There is a modern looking dome which has been built into the top of the building and this was where we were heading to get our great views of the city.

The modern attachment to the building is quite ingenious as it provides cooling and ventilation to the building and the whole thing looks very futuristic and impressive indeed. Just what you would expect from this nation! Just one small oversight though…there was no way of them getting the windows to de-fog! So in the end we got to see bugger all! But at least we had a flash audio guide to tell us what we would have seen!! 

So after passing the Brandenburg Gate for a view of it in the day time we walked off towards the third of Berlin’s top recommended sights which was Checkpoint Charlie. This was once one of the only points that people could pass from East to West or vice versa. Unfortunately the grab for the tourist dollar has descended upon the place and it’s just turned into a collection of souvenir stalls and two guys dressed up in army gear posing next to a fake checkpoint. A little disappointing so far today?!

Feeling a little underwhelmed we set off towards the Christmas markets. I don’t think any will be able to compete with the Vienna markets but the first one we visited in Berlin gave it a good go. Weihnachtszauber at the Gendarmenmarkt is a famous market in the centre of town where more unique items are sold. It has to be said that a lot of markets we have seen are all selling similar if not the same stuff whereas here we got to see some new and different things which was exciting. The atmosphere again was great these markets really make you feel in the Christmas spirit.

We enjoyed the first market so much we stopped off in front of the Charlottensburg Palace to see another one, unfortunately the market wasn’t the best and the palace was under scaffolding so we didn’t see much there either.

Still you win some and you lose some and in Berlin I feel that’s a bit what we got. It was a really interesting place to go to after where we had been before but I am not sure the sights are quite what they are hyped up to be. Seeing the wall was the standout and the good museums were great. I don’t think I would put Berlin on one of my top ten places to go but I am sure that there is plenty here that we didn’t discover. T

The Reichstag and the dome just poking out.

The interior was fantastic!  It all looked so modern and sleek and perfect.

I don’t know what the German is for condensation but…

Some of the market food was great though.  I thought it was all going to be bratwurst and sauerkraut but we were pretty impressed.

These buildings are never as beautiful when clad in scaffolding!

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