It was quite special returning to Brussels after I had spent two years at school here when I was 15 and 16. It was quite a strange place to come at the time and probably wouldn’t necessarily make many people’s top choices as a destination but for me I had always had very fond memories of the place. Mostly I think because of the people I met here and who are still to this day very good friends.
Most of Belgium’s major sights tend to lie elsewhere but we were staying right next to the Grand Place and so wasted no time in heading straight there to have a look. We have been fortunate enough to see some beautiful squares but the main square in the centre of Brussels is maybe the most beautiful we have seen. Every building is exquisitely decorated and the massive Hotel de Ville dominating one side with its Gothic spires.
Sarah was suitably impressed so I told her that the excitement was only beginning as we were very close to Brussels’ other main attraction the mighty Manneken Pis!! While amusing it didn’t quite impress as much so we continued on with our wandering through the alleyways surrounding the Grand Place.
The thing we were looking to forward most in Brussels was a meal of “Moules et frites” and in the alleyways surrounding the Grand Place there are plenty of restaurants all pretty much offering the same meal. We found Chez Leon, a place we used to frequent as a family and boy we weren’t disappointed. Perfect Mussels and chips washed down with Belgian beer. 
The evening was topped off perfectly with a light display in the Grand Place all accompanied by music. It certainly made for a great atmosphere!!
It was really special to return to Brussels and really nice to be able to show Sarah the city and a lovely way to bring an end to our trip from Beijing! However we were very conscious of the presence of armed security in the wake of the danger and the bombings in Europe. This was a little disconcerting and certainly brought home everything we had been seeing in the news. The other harsh reality was seeing what seemed to be families of refugees sleeping rough in the streets.  T

The Mannikin Pis! 

The Belgians definitely know how to do food. Especially waffles and chocolate!

These were delicious. 

We simply had to eat here! Brings back many fond family memories.

Sarah loving the mussels.

The Grand Place at night with their Christmas light show.

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