Elephants in Uda Walawe

There is so much that we want to do and see here in Sri Lanka that we decided to do just a one night quick stop in Uda Walawe to see the elephants. The distances we are travelling between places is fairly short and the buses although full are pretty easy to navigate so we aren’t arriving exhausted. Plus when we are arriving at the guest houses the owners are so friendly and helpful that it’s just a breeze to go and see the sights.

Our journey to and arrival at Uda Walawe was no exception. As soon as we had arrived our affable host told us that we could go on a safari with another couple staying at the guest house that afternoon, perfect.

The national park of Uda Walawe is home to about 500-600 elephants so we were pretty hopeful of seeing at least one. We hadn’t been in the park for more than about 5 minutes when sure enough we spotted our first. Just magnificent. 

The park wasn’t as beautiful as Bundala but the number of elephants we saw certainly made up for it. It wasn’t only elephants though, there were plenty of birds, water buffalo and of course loads of peacocks strutting their stuff!!

There were lots more jeeps in this park but our driver knew his stuff and managed to keep us away from the crowds and we got to spend some time just us watching the elephants eating away. It was really special.

The day was winding down and we were heading home when another male elephant was spotted on the horizon and we joined the throng of jeeps watching him. Our driver was pretty canny though and parked us in the perfect spot because within two minutes the elephant came out of the bushes and stood about a foot away from the jeep! We were eyeball to eyeball with this colossal animal!! It was breathtaking, we were experiencing a mixture of awe and fear as he just stood there looking at us.

He was pretty calm and as soon as he wanted us to move he broadened his shoulders and flapped his ears to indicate he had had enough and we moved out of his way. To be fair he could have walked around us but I guess he wasn’t used to avoiding things. To have spent some time so close to the elephant really capped the day off nicely.

The guest house we were in was pretty busy and we were 7 sat down for dinner of home made rice and curry. It was a really good meal and really good company as everyone in the group was doing something pretty interesting and we even treated ourselves to a beer each!! T

It wasn’t all just animals there were some amazing flowers too.

A Banyan tree.

A typical view of the lagoons in the park.

The colours on the male peacock are almost unbelievable.

A male peacock strutting his stuff!

Now for the main event!

Sarah up close and personal with an elephant.

Just awe inspiring to be so close to a wild elephant.


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