Bus to Alleppey

We had purchased SIM cards yesterday and after a form filling out process were expecting them to activate late last night but by the next morning they hadn’t. We also remembered that we hadn’t paid for them by mistake as the shop was crazy and we got passed around to a few people and so were never asked and just forgot. So on the way to the bus stop we got the tuk tuk driver to stop at the SIM card store along the way.

Tim entered and the girl was happy we came back because she didn’t get enough information from us so the SIM couldn’t be activated. Tim also explained that we think we didn’t pay and we were sorry we are not normally like that etc etc but we just forgot. Her face lit up in suprise and thanks as she thought she had given out too much money yesterday in change and had to borrow the difference off her mum. She thanked us for our honesty and was so happy. So good deed done which was more like fixing a bad one, we headed off to the bus stop.

We stopped on the side of the road which didn’t have any discernible bus stop features but within seconds a bus pulled up and on we got. The local buses of Kerala are amazing as they have no windows but just open spaces. Some have shutters that close if it rains but most have plastic sheets that drop down. So on the way to Alleppey we were relatively cool with the wind in our faces. 

We got off at the bus station and walked the kilometer to our home stay which for $15 a night was amazing. Our room was big and clean and even had a big private balcony which was great as I have set myself a goal of doing yoga everyday while in India. The host Matthew sat us down and gave us restaurants to visit and all the information on backwater boat trips. 

Alleppey is the hub of the backwaters which are a network of waterways 900km long that are travelled by boat. Although there are now roads connecting a lot of the villages most locals still use boat. 

So after settling in we headed out for some lunch. We didn’t have to go far because we found a restaurant full of locals so sat down and got treated to one biryani dish and a rice and curry which was served from metal pails. It was delicious.

Feeling sated we went for a wander around town, which was absolutely hectic! Traffic was wizzing by, market stalls were set up in front of shops already selling goods and then when we hit the canal which connects the town to the backwaters we where met by many boatmen trying to get us to go for a boat tour with them. I am finding walking the streets of India exhausting just because it is taking so much concentration on my behalf to watch where I am putting my feet as the footpaths/side of the road is uneven, watching for traffic which could be coming from any direction and then still managing to take everything in going around me. You almost need to walk 10 metres, stop, look around for a little bit and then repeat the process. I wonder if there is a knack to it that I just don’t possess. 

After an hour or so we were hot and sweaty so caught a tuk tuk home and relaxed for a few hours before heading out to experience the night time atmosphere of Alleppy along with getting ourselves another delicious dinner. S

Tim being served by our wonderful waiter, who just kept coming back and filling up Ti s plate.

The streets of Alleppey. This photo is actually missing the stream of tuk tuks and motorbikes. Must have been a traffic jam further down.

There seems to be  a spice seller on every street.

The canal leading to the backwaters.

Nighttime hustle of Alleppey.

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