Marari Beach

All the tuk tuk drivers in both Cochi and Alleppey kept telling us we needed to go to Marari beach so we thought we should check it out. After a late start where we watched some of the last day of the test cricket between India and Australia we were heading the 14km north in a local bus. 
We didn’t know what to expect and I must admit I was a little apprehensive considering the amount of rubbish that lines the streets but we were pleasantly surprised. The sand was golden and palm trees lined the beach for shade. There was hardly any rubbish on the beach and we had thousands of crabs running all over the sand and cleaning out their holes. 
So we found a spare tree which wasn’t hard as there really weren’t a lot of people down the beach and sat back and read some books. Just as we were getting ready for some lunch we were approached by a lovely shy Indian man asking if we would consider his restaurant just down the beach. He was really nice and not pushy so we decided to go check it out.
It was a little shack right on the beach and we had amazing seats right on the waterfront. He thanked us for considering him and then showed us the menu and we settled on vegetable rice and curry. We had to wait a little while but when it came out it was delicious. We were then offered lounge chairs and an umbrella on the waterfront to sit back and enjoy the rest of the afternoon and we took him up on the offer. A lazy day but a good one.
Back in Alleppey we went out for a meal and our first drink in India. Which was in the 3 star hotel as you have to be 3 star to get a license to sell beer in Kerala and 5 star to sell hard liquor. There are off licenses around where you can buy both beer and liquor, which seem to be very busy on weekends. Drinking is definitely a male dominated hobby here. You won’t see an Indian women in the bars and they certainly are not queuing at the off license. I don’t know if this trend is changing with the younger generation but I am curious to find out. S

On of the little guys we were sharing the beach with. 

Our view from the lunch table.

Trying to catch crabs.

Got one! I was very impressed with myself until I realised that the one I caught was definitely slower than all the rest and may have been on his last legs.

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