Cruising around Kodaikanal 

We had decided to extend our stay in Kodaikanal for another night as we were thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere and the respite from the heat. We didn’t have much planned for the day but our first stop was Bryant park. Unfortunately it wasn’t the amazing park it had been billed as but it was an enjoyable stroll nonetheless. The best part was just as we were leaving, we were swamped by groups of school kids running in to have their lunch. We didn’t know if it was a special occasion but there would have been 10 groups of about 20 kids all sat on grass mats being served rice and curry. 

So we were at a bit of a loose end after exiting the park and other than getting our phones recharged with credit we didn’t know what else to do. But were soon saved by Ravi, a taxi driver who offered to drive us around the area showing us all the sights we couldn’t walk to for a ridiculously low price. 

Our first stop was a lookout over the city and the lake. There were hundreds of tourists doing this route but we were the only Westerners so it was still fun. Each stop was lined with stalls selling chai and food and everything else in between. This included home made chocolate made from cocoa leaves grown in the area. We ended up purchasing a packet and stuffing our faces with the delicious treats. 

One stop was a pine forest that has apparently featured in countless Indian movies. We also visited several other viewpoints and look outs but most were shrouded in cloud. But it was still great to be in amongst all the Indian tourists and we enjoyed just watching everything going on. However we were also the star attractions according to them. We were stopped so many times to shake hands and have conversations about where we were from, what were our names, where we were going and how long we were in India. Not to mention the photos! I seriously lost count how many times we were asked to pose for photos. At one stage near a cave which we couldn’t see due to the fog, we were waylaid for a good ten minutes with a line of people wanting to get their photo taken with us. It was hilarious. I secretly think it is because they think Tim is Ricky Ponting’s brother. I kid you not. We have been stopped many times with people shouting that out. I am tempted to start telling people that to see if we get free upgrades etc.

Within a few hours we were heading back to town throughly entertained. After another delicious late lunch we headed back to the hotel for a relax. S

The view of the lake.

The pine forest. 

Such gnarly roots.

One of Tim’s admirers asking for a photo.

Yet another group wanting a photo. 

One of the only sights we actually saw. Pillar Rock.

Before viewing suicide point you had to walk the gauntlet. Shops on each side and a tide of tourists.

We actually left our laundry with these guys. Turned up next day washed and folded beautifully. Then I felt bad for feeling sceptical about the place.

Me debating whether or not the lure of fresh vegetables was worth the risk. I did think it was, it was worth the risk and in the end no risk at all!

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