We had picked Puducherry for a three day stop as it was going to be my birthday so we thought a relaxing time in a nice hotel on the coast would do the trick. We were definitely looking forward to it.

Puducherry according to Lonely Planet was a unique blend of Franco – Indian flare and to tell you the honest truth it didn’t really live up to our expectations. We just didn’t get that vibe at all. There was a French quarter with a few French style buildings and a few cafes and restaurants that served French style food but nothing of the French flair we were expecting. I suppose it may have been noteworthy due to to the fact that it was India and it did have a French influence even a little one but I suppose in my mind I had expected a lot more so was disappointed.

In saying that we still enjoyed our stay as the hotel was amazing with its roof top pool so we spent the majority of our time enjoying that and didn’t feel guilty about missing anything. Along with generally just being lazy in our air conditioned suite. We also enjoyed the free buffet breakfasts at the hotel which were a lavish affair. They could have satisfied us with eggs on toast but we got much more than that. Tim’s eyes lit up when he saw the baked beans and I stuffed myself with pancakes topped with maple syrup and bananas. 

My birthday day was a decadent laze with a lovely dinner at a French Indian fusion restaurant. The setting was beautiful as we were in a court yard in a renovated french mansion and gin and tonics were on the menu. Happy Birthday to me! The food was fine but certainly wasn’t the best meal we have eaten in India.

Our favorite part of Puducherry (apart from the hotel) was our evening stroll along the promenade with all the locals, enjoying the breeze and respite from the heat. We also found an ice cream man that sold Magnums so that was a nightly occurrence as well. 

So all in all not a place we would return to but an enjoyable break from the crazyness that is India. S

Window seats on the train.

View from the pool.

Walks along the promenade with the locals. 

Mahatma Ghandi statue.

New threads for my birthday.

Tough life by the pool.

View from our window

The lighthouse.

Street in French Quarter.

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