The Magnificent Mysore Palace

The main attraction at Mysore, the palace, didn’t open until 10am so we thought we would have a look at some of the other sights in Mysore by way of a warm up. First stop was Government House and why this was recommended as a place to see I will never know. There was nothing noteworthy at all about the building unless we missed something.

Never mind we shot across town to see the Jaganmohan Palace which houses an art gallery. The outside of the building was initially a very impressive sight but on closer inspection it was all in quite a state of disrepair. There were no photos allowed inside so unfortunately we couldn’t take any shots of the artwork on show. It was splendid in that it showed the maharajahs in all their get up all looking very proper in their outfits. Not only were there old art works but some newer stuff too and it was really interesting to see such a different style that we are not usually exposed to. While the artwork was great to look at the building itself wasn’t much to look at so for us it was on to Mysore Palace.

The Palace is set in the middle of Mysore on a large plot of land and is walled on all sides. Access was through an impressive gate and once inside the grounds opened up and we got our first glimpse of the palace. Wow it was really a sight to behold and we were both taken aback by the beauty of the building. We walked all the way around the front of the building marvelling as to how impressive it was. The whole thing somehow just looked so regal and so Indian. It was exactly the Palace I imagined seeing here in India. The out buildings were all pretty grand too and we enjoyed walking around them.

The piece de resistance was always going to be the interior which from the moment we entered the building didn’t disappoint. The intricate detail in all the decoration was amazing and from floor to ceiling there wasn’t an inch of space that wasn’t decorated. It was opulent but wasn’t just gold everywhere there were turquoise, green and deep reds all creating a wondrous sight. There were stained glass windows and amazing wood work, in fact just about everything was amazing. There were fantastic courtyards and we were able to walk through about a dozen huge rooms. Each was decorated differently to the others but all were impressive. The palace was more magical than royal and we really enjoyed spending our time soaking it all in.

Unfortunately there were plenty of guards in the palace and photography was most certainly not allowed in fact we saw someone being made to delete some photos they sneakily took on their phone. We didn’t risk it so we will have to just remember the fantastic interiors. Definitely one of the most impressive buildings we have ever seen.

It was always going to be difficult to follow up such an impressive sight and we probably spent about 5 minutes wandering through the presidential rooms which backed onto the palace but weren’t a patch on the main event so we bought a bottle of water and sat in the shade to soak up the wonderment of the Palace.

Lunch was a great find of a place called RRR where we got to enjoy one of the best biriyanis we have had (right up there with Kayees). So suitably stuffed we headed back into the mayhem of Mysore towards the markets. 

The markets were once again a sensory overload and almost as soon as we walked in the place we were accosted by a kid with some of the best sales patter I have heard. We usually make a point of not buying off kids but this guy was so good and promised that he was going to school so after he showed us how to make sandalwood incense Sarah bought a couple of vials of Jasmine and Mysore flower essential oils. I had my hand painted with some of the brightly coloured dyes they have here (still hasn’t washed off).

The market was full of colour and life and we had a fantastic time wandering around taking in all the sights. The vegetables and fruit all looked very tasty and along with all the practical stuff for sale the most colourful row on the market was the flower row. This was packed full of people buying various flowers no doubt for offerings for religious ceremonies. There was so much energy in the market and all the stall owners were so friendly and certainly not always trying to make the sale but more often than not just happy to have a chat or just to smile and have a joke. It would have been great to find a spot to sit and watch what was going on but you were pushed around the market wherever the crowds wanted to go, stopping wasn’t an option.

After the market we stopped in at a famous silk shop. Mysore is famous for its silk and there are some incredibly expensive shops here, this wasn’t one of them. This was where the real people bought their silk dresses and it was four floors of absolute mayhem. There were thousands of saris for sale from $4 each all the way up to $750! It was great to see everyone buying their clothes and the men getting their shirts made there was a great buzz about the place.

It has to be said that we were both very glad that we decided to take a little detour and come to Mysore, the place has been amazing! T

The Jaganmohan Palace, pretty splendid but if you look closely you can see the disrepair.

Standing in front of Mysore Palace.

The detail on the exterior of the Palace is so Indian and regal yet again though a closer inspection reveals a little disrepair.

This is the view of the other side of the grounds facing the Palace.

Just love the design of the buildings they are just exquisite.

Outside the Palace and on our way to the market the buildings are still interesting just not as opulent.

The entrance to the central markets in Mysore where the hustle and bustle was spilling out onto the streets.

The colours of the incense and the dye are so vibrant.

Any pot you want, this guy has got it.

I would say this is a typical market scene with the produce displayed on the floor and if you look closely the sellers are on mobiles!

These guys were all more than happy to pose for photos, and how brilliant they all look.  We had a lot of fun chatting to everyone around the market.

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